Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cambridge diet update

Met my Cambridge Diet CounSellor (CDC)a few weeks ago and just wanted to start as quickly as possible as I have limited time to lose weight as well as inches. So with 6 weeks to go I dived into the ugly monster that is losing weight. I am tasked with losing 2 stone (28lbs)in 6 week. EEK!!

Week 1 - I managed to lose 11lbs in my first week, how I don't know but I did. Yeah and I know half it is water but its gone and I can already see a difference with my clothes. Its hard but I'm trying to keep with it. It is very difficult to stay 100% but I am trying as much as possible to stick with it. I haven't told alot of people what I'm doing either because I hate the negativity so just told hubby and a friend. We'll see how the next couple of weeks go.

Week 2 - So I found week 2 harder than week 1. This was mainly down to a few events taking place. I had salad and protein to get me through those moments. I wasn't feeling well either in this week and by Friday realised it was TOTM!! It sucks because at weigh in due to TOTM, some weak moments and having an afternoon weigh in, I gained 4lbs. What a blow!!! On a more positive note I still have an 8lb loss so that is pretty impressive. I was really hoping for an average of 4/5lb loss a week for me to lose 2 stones by 29 August.

I need to make more of an effort to resist when I can to not take a nibble or eat the balance of my son's yoghurt. Bring on Week 3!