Saturday, 14 May 2011


Its about 10 weeks since I joined weight watchers and I have managed to lose 12.5lbs. Yayyy me!!!!! Whilst I only had a lb loss this week I am motivated even more to get to my first stone. I go on holiday from the 21st May and in some ways desperate to lose a little more than a stone.

I went out last night for dinner and drinks to meet some other yummy mummies. By the end of the night I was in a destructive frame of mind because these "bitches" (I mean that in the best way because those girls are my support network)are back to their pre-pregnancy weight and complaining that their breasts have shrunk back to what it was whilst I'm there struggling to lose weight slowly.

I made up my mind this morning that by my son's first birthday I have to have lost 25lbs by hook or by crook. At least I know I would be a 1/3 of the way to my goal weight. I have a month to go so we will see how things go. At this point, because of the amount of weight I have to lose, having a big weight loss quickly and maintaining it will be better for my sanity.

So day 1 of diet starts again tomorrow.I have a week to make a dent in my weight loss before my holiday. It is the first of about 4 milestones this year so I am not going on holiday to sabotage myself either.

Here's to a great week.