Monday, 27 July 2009

A month to go...........................

So last night, I was flicking through that channels and ended up on the exercise/yoga channel called "Body in Balance" to check out what type of yoga they were doing and I came across a programme entittled "Dr Ali's Weight Loss programme." It was the first time I have heard about this but found it interesting so continued watching.

What is interesting is that his programme requires some fasting, diet, meditation and massages. He spoke about how each ties into the next and was very descriptive of how food is broken down in the body. I proceeded to google him and he has book as well which takes you through the process.

Whilst some of his ideas are practical, a medical assisted fasting for 3 weeks is not my cup of tea. He also suggested that that you can do 2 days of fasting and only have lemon and honey in days that you will be doing nothing. I wonder how practical this is as your body goes into starvation mode if it doesn't get enough food.

I think I will stick to what I think works for me and that's limiting my carb in take especially after 6pm and general eating very healthy, lots of water, cardio and weights. I started with spin today will go home and do some crunches and yoga later. The plan for the rest of the week will be to try and do 3 days running in addition to spin and pump classes and add weight training in there.

Come on!!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Update.. Times ah ticking!!!!!

Birthday has gone and I'm back from my mini break to Dublin. I can't believe how busy July has been, both work and home. I am feeling run down now at the moment so trying to take it very easy for the next couple of days.

Although I'm not feeling 100%, I am eating healthy and reduced my carb intake because the countdown to Nottinghill is on. Balance will be paid off shortly so there is no turning back now :) My clothes are feeling very tight at the moment so I know those inches that I lost ealier in the year has creeped back on, hence the reason for being plunged into this process of pre-carnival starvation (joking) to look FABULOUS on the road. Boots have been collected and will be delivered soon so footwear is set. Will be doing accessory and tights shopping in the coming weeks too.

Anyway, for today I've had 2 boiled eggs, tea and decaf coffee. For lunch bbq chicken salad is on the menu with caffeine free diet 7up, yoghurt for snack and spinach with tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner. That's the plan!!!!