Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Virgin London Marathon 2010

Just recevied my confirmation........... I've entered the ballot for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. Now have to wait until October to hear if I got through!!!!!!

Dear xxxxxx, Thank you for entering the ballot for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon We’ll let you know in early October 2009 if you’ve secured a place - you’ll receive a magazine through the post letting you know if you’ve been successful. If you’re selected in the ballot we’ll also contact you asking for your entry fee payment.

If you need to contact us between now and October, for example if your contact details change, please call us on 020 7902 0200 and quote your reference number VLM10-xxxxx. One really important thing...Please don’t enter the ballot more than once as this could result in all your entries being cancelled.

Kick-start your training When it comes to starting your training, there’s no time like the present. If you don’t secure a place in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon, there are lots of other great races and events taking place throughout the year.

If this is the first time you’ve entered for a place in a marathon, we recommend the official Virgin London Marathon training aids. These guides contain everything you need to know, including a 24 week day-by-day training plan. Find out more at http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/training-centre/training-advice/training-aids/ Join the community If you didn’t sign up when you entered the ballot, you can join the Virgin London Marathon community any time you like at http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/community/community/ It’s the perfect place to meet other runners and get help and support with your training. We’ve got loads going on - including competitions, guest blogs from athletes and celebrity marathon runners, and a host of health, fitness and running experts to answer your questions. There’s also a route planner to help map out your training runs. Run for a cause close to your heart If you’d like to run the Virgin London Marathon for charity, check out our charity listing at http://www.realbuzz.com/charity-listings/virgin-london-marathon/ Thanks again for entering the ballot.

Good luck!

The Virgin London Marathon team

Monday, 27 April 2009

Running music

Ok its a while since I've posted but I must say quite a bit is going on and time seems to be running away but I've managed to update my ipod with some running music I enjoy.

Now I have been reading alot of forums on what kind of music we should be running too and I must say none has been close to my music taste so I had to think about the tempo I wanted and download the songs.

Since I have strong Caribbean routes, Trinidad in particular I love love love the fast beats of the soca music. Now this seems to be seasonal music but I was able to download most of the Machel Montano, Destra Garcia, etc. There are many many artists to chose from.

I also enjoy some remixed hip and rnb stuff, funky house, garage, dance (very limited selection). Saying that my fav running tunes at the moment are Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed peas and Ram Ram by Lady Shabba!!!!

I think I have 3hrs worth of running tunes that keep me going. My aerobics instructor also linked me to the 32mix.com website. They have some seriously good mixes of reggaeton and hip hop which I thoroughly enjoy in her classes.

Now I have no excuses to get to running.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm back!!!!!

Ok I didn't go anywhere but I have certainly been off the fitness track for the last 2 weeks.

I thought I better get back on the training band wagon especially as my friend sommer has started her own marathon training and gasp....... 5 months until Nottinghill carnival. I have serious work to do on my tummy and the bingo wings I could see flying in many pics.

So with my 2lb gain over the Easter, I am back to my pre-carnival fitness focus but with more of a running element to it. I suspect that means eating more carbs but I may just bulk up on loads of veg to help with the hunger pangs.

I did 3 miles and it was so hard but I did it. Tomorrow is another 5 miles. I have not yet decided whether I will do an early morning run in the park yet especially as I would need to be outside at 6:30 and I don't think it will be open yet. So may just get to the gym early tomorrow and monopolise a treadmill for as long as it takes to finish 5 miles. Doing it outdoors is one thing but on a treadmill its a long long road.

Here's to a good training week!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pattern occurring.......?

Another week of very limited activity and I must say, obscene amounts of eating.

Tomorrow is a new day and so a new beginning. Trying to get hubby to run with me more but I know that he has strained a hip muscle so he can´t do too much. Tomorrow will be me alone out there getting into my running groove. I really hope I could get back to my fitness obsessed self to clear out these extra pounds and get rid of the 14lbs I have remaining.

I´m psyching myself up!!!!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Weigh in day........

....... my scales stayed the same. I expected that as I was under the weather last week. I didn´t manage to get to the gym today so I have real making up to do over the next couple of weeks. Funnily enough I have not been eating all of my 1500kcals but I have been eating some rubbish. I´m cutting that out from tomorrow especially I have 2 goals in a short space of time.

The weather is much milder so I´m looking forward to running outside more. Spring is definitely here.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Week 4..... A non-starter

I swear I will stop complaining about this running training once I can get my tail into form to follow through. Only managed to run on Wednesday as the rest of the week was SUPER busy. This weekend was no different and I have woken up this morning with a migraine :( To top all that off I´ve had a cold since Thursday so that has cut down the progress.

I did get some exercise though. Went to paintballing near Redhill. That is definitely a one in a lifetime experience. When my friend booked this, she said that lunch was provided. But at lunchtime what we were given were pot noodles, crisps, chocolate and fruit squash. I could not eat the pot noodles because I´ve given up meat for lent and they only had chicken and beef flavoured and all I really had was the crisps and some of the juice because I was dehydrated, had a headache and absolutely knackered after getting up at 5am that morning. When I got home I had some oven done fish and chips and took some pain killers. With all that running around you would have thought some healthier food options would have been available. Check the unflattering picture.

I also went to a Nottinghill Carnival band launch last night. I´ve gotten another incentive which involves some nakedness on the streets of London. I registered to play mas with some friends so will also be concentrating on core training. The costume below isn´t my costume but mine is more elaborate than this one. I can´t wait to see the end product.

I think I have done my quota of activities for the month in these few days. I will use the rest of this month to concentrate on the running. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I had my weigh in on Monday and lost 4LBS!!!!!!!! (Happy dance).

So I am down to 13st 12.5 lbs (194.5lbs) and half a pound away from my losing 10% of my body weight. This means I have 14 more lbs to go to hit my goal.

I have also signed up for the Race for Life 5k in Crystal Palace on the 14th June. I do plan on running this event as it will all be part of my training for this marathon in October. If anyone wants to sponsor me, I have designed a website which would make it easier to do so :)


Every little counts!!!!!!

On the training scene, can you imagine I have not been able to get to the gym once so far this week :( Although I am leaving early today I am making sometime at lunchtime to put in the 3 miles I missed out on yesterday.

Here's to another great week.