Friday, 13 February 2009

1 week to go!!!

After the scales didn't budge this week, I burst into tears at my weigh in group meeting. Thank the lawd it was only my weight watchers buddy who was on hand to see that kind of break down. The last couple of weeks have been hard on my body..I am tired no arse so what am I doing wrong? So my friend said I'm probably not eating enough so my metabolism slowed down. So you have plateaued!!! That made sense, but I was so distraught, I have been in this mindset that I don't care I have a week to go and I will maintain what I have lost already.

So carbs and a few indulgent things have let themselves back on my menu. What I don't want to do, is undo the work I have put in over the last 6 months, give or take a few weeks. I have continued my resolve to gym (I've only been twice this week). SIGH!!!

I have to admit I have not jogged in a while since I upped the interval and weight training in the last 8 weeks. There are some noticeable differences I can see, but when you are a serial weigher like me, the scales never give u the right signs. After my spin class today I jumped on the scale (why I don't know), I swear the scale Gods were giving me some sign as it dipped under 90kgs.

I had a scrambled egg today with a splash of milk and grated low fat mature cheddar with 2 crackers and coffee. I got to work late because of stinking late train service (whoever leave their bag under a bridge need to have they head examined) and had me a warm cup of tea. By the time noon I was famished and subdued that with another cup of tea. (I'm seeing a trend here). After spin class I felt a bit shakey so when I bought my lunch I also bought a packet of iced gems (1 pack is 1.5pts) and that sugar rush stopped the shakes. For my lunch, I had a bottle of really light ribena, a Sainsbury chicken honey mustard wrap (4.5pts) and a pack of quavers(1.5pts). Now I'm so undecisive about dinner because as tomorrow is Valentine's day, dinner will be plenty points aka plenty calories. SIGH!!!

Will update on today's dinner plans and tomorrow's later.

See ya til the next post.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

2 weeks to go!!!!!!

Right so I have 2 weeks exactly before my holiday and guess what the scales have not budged. I have seen inch loss which I should be happy with but these damn scales are the pits. Everytime I get below that 200lb mark the scales rise again. Tight now I am so exasperated I have thought about giving up.

But have no fear...I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! I'm going down fighting these next 2 weeks. My blogging buddy tell me running will help so I throwing that in the mix with all the exercise I doing ...this includes weekends. At my 4 week countdown I was concentrating on weight and interval training to help speed up the metabolism but I seemed to have lapsed so its back to running as well.

South beach coming back too because I was most successful losing weight on that so I'm going to give myself a last push with that for the time I have remaining.

The whole of London was snowed in on Monday and Tuesday so I was unable to get to weigh in.

It looked so pretty but I was not venturing out and then remaining stranded in London... So next
Monday I will weigh in. Look out for an update then.

Saying all this I have an assignment to due 2 days before I leave so wish me luck.........