Tuesday, 19 July 2011

6 weeks to crunch time!

Nottinghill Carnival is fast approaching and I have so much weight still to lose. I must admit I am a bit desperate so decided to give Cambridge diet a final chance and continue with my exercise. Funnily enough I can't even do any exercise because I am so tired. Imagine doing a spin class and only have consumed 400kcals in the day. I never forgot how hard the first couple of days were and I am reliving it again.

This is my motivation though:


I had a spoonful of rice just because I'm so hungry. Had my final shake about 30 minutes ago and I'm still hungry. UGH!!!! I have some dissertation work to do tonight. I am a survivor and this is for a short time so I can do this!!!

Day 1 is over!! Thank you!!

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