Friday, 8 April 2011

I'm back!!!

I had a bit of time off mainly because I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last June. He is now 10 months old and taught it is more than time that I start getting back into shape. I have put just over 4st (56lbs) during my pregnancy and after. Yes I put on another stone whilst breastfeeding. So here I am starting from scratch.

I started back with weight watchers and that has been ok. I seem to be falling into a pattern of having a big loss and then gaining or lil loss. I am hoping for a more consistent weightloss. Hopefully with the exercise and the healthy eating things will settle down soon and I will have steadier losses.

On the exercise front, I've decided to focus on doing spin and zumba. I'm trying to build myself up to start running again but with the extra weight I am plagued by varying feet injuries so its taking a long time. I'll get there eventually.

Looking forward to updating this again soon.

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