Monday, 29 June 2009


I have taken up doing zumba as part of my cardio routine, just to get away from the monotony of the treadmill. And I absolutely love it!! It is such a great way to workout, have fun and tone up the midsection.

My interest in zumba was peaked when a friend of mine gave seriously good reviews about it so I googled it here in the UK and lo and behold there were classes in the area. I came across Bianca's webiste:

I did a 3 hour workshop on Saturday and was thoroughly drenched but had a great time as well. I'm going back today for another session because I can't seem to shake myself out of my gym-boredom-funk. Hopefully today's session will give me the little push I need to get back into my cardio swing.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

What I've been up too!

Well sometimes its ridiculously hard to update this blog because I'm just so tired when the evening comes but I am soldiering on and make sure I make the effort because it is one of the only things keeping on track (somewhat) on this weight loss/exercise journey.

So the last couple of weeks I successfully started and unsuccessfully not finished my low carbing. Ha!!!! but the exercise has improved. Managed to get back into my running mode. Feels like I'm starting from scratch again though but I'm getting there. My pilates is going stronger though. My eating has beem sporadic but that will settle as totm leaves me.

Now that a pretty engaging part of my work has come to an end, there is now room to get back into the swing of things fully.

Nottinghill is 2 months away!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Imagine the excuses ............

I have so many excuses. .... I forgot my desk key home yesterday, so guess what, No gym!!!

I could not get up this morning either. Body Flow is fully booked today as well (I'm quite upset at that).

So definitely heading to the gym after work. No excuses today!!!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Race aftermath...

The race is over and I must say I had a fantastic time. The atmosphere at the Crystal Palace Stadium was just electric. There were absolutely energising to see all these women coming together for a really great cause. I ran the 5k in 38:18 which isn´t too bad but somehow I wish I could have done better. I have to admit that those hills were pretty tough going so that is something I need to build on. Also it was an unbelievable hot and lovely day so that contributed to my slowness :)

Thus far, I´ve raised a total of £75. There is still 4 weeks before I send donations collected and there is also an opportunity to sponsor online :) Here is the link:

This has definitely motivated me back into my running schedule so its rest for me today and then hitting the gym again from tomorrow. Summer is here need to tone up to be the sexified diva I am :)