Sunday, 29 March 2009

Progress.... Week 3 training

Right... so this week was a little bit hectic which meant my training did not follow the schedule to the T. I only managed two days of short runs, an intermediate spin class and a long run, which I did today :) I did 5 miles today and I felt good. I started off shaky as my headphones were giving my some problems. I got so fed up that I just took them out and ran with no music. That was really hard as I kept on hearing my own breathing.

So that´s yet another thing to buy, sports headphones. From the feedback I have read Sennheiser is the best brand and I particularly like this one. Phillips also seems have a pretty good headphone and is cheaper. You can see the Phillips here. I will try the Phillips first and the other for comparison. Watch this space......

On another note, I finally managed to get to Runners´Need to get gait analysis done. The guys in there were really good especially in explaining the process. After measuring my feet, I was asked to run on the treadmill for about a minute. The guy explained that I have quite a neutral run. My feet also land sideways but are still straight. So after trying a few options, I think the front runner will be the Brooks Defyance 2. Sigh!!! Its definitely going to be an investment.

I am hoping that this week will be more condusive to the training schedule but that´s looking grim so I will do what I can this week. Weigh in tomorrow so hopefully I can move away from the half pound loss.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Problems Problems!!!!

This is how I feel at the moment. Really sad!!! Since my run of Sunday, the urge to go to the gym has subsided and I just have not been able to get up early enough to go to the gym or running outside despite the lovely spring days we've been having. On top of that my knee is giving me real problems at the moment. SIGH!!! I'm blaming a rise in hormones for all of this.
I tried calling to make an appointment with my GP today and they close at 1pm so I now have to wait until tomorrow to SEE if I can be fitted in for an appointment. I will take some pain killers today and hope that it eases.

I hope I can shake this off by tomorrow because I'm losing my routine. I've only done one day run so far this week and it wasn't even that good because I barely did 2 miles :(

On a more positive note, I had my power plate induction today and I cannot wait to go and try that out. Although some of the positions are questionable, I'll give them a go. I want to see what kind of difference it will make in 6 weeks. Not sure I will look like the pic but I will give it a go. So watch this space..............

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Ok so I weighed in yesterday and this morning and the scales were the same, they went up by half a pound. I am so disappointed with that, that it has triggered some emotional eating in which I say "screw it" and eat what ever I am feeling for.

But I stopped myself and revisited my eating journal for last week. Guess what..... it may be the problem. I only stuck to 1500 kcal eating plan one day last week. How pathetic is that!!!!!! I also realised that I have been having a bit more carbs than I had pre-carnival and this is making me slightly bloated. Another problem is drinking water. I seemed to have upped my drinking of tea and coffee and the water stayed on the sidelines.

So today I am going back to basics with the diet plan. No carbs after 7pm, increase of fruit and veg, making my weekly food list and MORE WATER!!! All the exercise I have been doing and less than 2l of water a day is shameful.

I feel so much more positive now. Here's to a great week!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Post Sunday run synopsis

All I could think about this weekend was running 6 miles. So got up this morning with some brilliant sunshine and went for my run. I got to the park and just thought I could do this and guess what it worked. I ran 6 miles!!!!! Woohoo!!! Running outside is so exhilerating. I loved it. I made sure and slowed down my pace and I found that easier. Just thinking back on a year ago, I could have only managed 1 lap and I was so breathless. I ran the 6 miles and felt pretty good.

Mind you I went to my friend´s son´s birthday party and I think I had way too much too eat :( I´m really hoping that when I weigh in tomorrow it is not reflected on the scale.

Tomorrow is the start of week 2 of my training schedule. Its basically repeating week one with an extra mile on the weekend run. We´ll see how that goes. It is also meant to be my rest day but I think I will do some weights and abs.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Mini Achievement?

Well I have to say it so was. I ran 4 miles in 50 mins today :D That has put the biggest smile on my face. The last 5 mins were tough though but its done.

I have alot of things to do this weekend but I am surely going to try my best and do a long run (6 miles) on Sunday. That's the only day I am home this weekend. SIGH!!!!!

I've never run by myself (always hubby around) so that will be another achievement for me. Will give my synopsis after the run.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Two posts on the same day? Most have plenty to say today. HA!!!!

Over the past few days I have been planning my goals for the year. I may have mentioned, a friend encouraging me to run a marathon amongst them. Anyway, with her help, I now have a running schedule to train with. I am on Week 1 of the Novice programme and 18 weeks to build up. Will be updating regularly on my progress.

I have also been doing some research on races in London, both fun and serious. A few friends and I will be doing the Race for Life 5k run sometime in May (have not decided which one yet). Need to register early though because the London events book up quickly. I have also roped hubby to run the Regents' Park race with me and that's a 10k. Anything above a 5k is a problem for me so will definitely be building up my stamina for longer runs.
There a few things that I still need to get me into the marathon runner mode like comfy shoes, a heart rate monitor/pedometer and some proper, breathable running clothes. Before I get my shoes, I have to doa gait analysis to ensure I get a comfy and supportive pair of running shoes. My gym is affliated to a running store in the Docklands so will head there next weekend.

This is the heart rate monitor I want. For the life of me I do not understand why they are so expensive but I will put it on my wish list.

Last night I did just over 5k in 40 mins. I know I could do it faster but took a few 1 min walking breaks in between and that also includes a 5 min warm up session at the beginning so you could say I actually did it in 35 mins. If I'm meant to do longer distances I definitely need to find a pace that I am comfortable with.

Right, so I'm off for my run.

Carnival is over............

Its now 2 weeks since I have been back to the UK and can I say, I AM NOT HAPPY TO BE BACK. Its cold and rainy. This does not bode well for me starting outdoor running. To top that off I have not been able to get up early enough to go to the gym.

Carnival weight loss aftermath: The pic above is the smallest I have been in many many years. I am now under 200lbs (197lbs for holiday). I've come back and managed to maintain that loss my scale even dipping down to 194lbs but that was short lived. I weighed in on Monday and I've lost a lb post carnival so I am extremely happy about that. Although I did not reach my target of 180lbs, I'm still pleased with the results as I've lost 3inches on my waist, hips and bust. Am really not happy about the bust reduction but it seems to be the first place I lose from.

Post carnival has also seen a leg injury I sustained which is making me apprehensive about training for my possible races this year. Long Story short, I fell and badly bruised my calves and they have been tender. Much of the bruising has disappeared but the tenderness is still lingering on. Again, this is not giving me any motivation to start of my training schedule. I will get there eventually though.