Friday, 19 December 2008

My motivation...the Christmas plan

Well, the picture is what has me so focused on losing the pounds and being healthy in the short term!! That will be my costume for Carnival 2009 and I want to do it real justice when I pralance with hubby and some friends on the roads of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Since my little indulgence last week, I have been trying to incorporate the main elements of SOBE to weight wachers. Boy what a task that is proving to be. I have found a few websites particularly helpful with recipes as this has made me point stuff and ensure that I am eating my points. Kalyn's kitchen and RecipeZaar are life savers at Phase 1 of Sobe. Both are giving me ideas to chose from so that boredom does not set in the first two weeks of sobe. The cauliflower mash and egg muffins are my favourites.

Due to this low glycemic regime I have managed to drop below the 200lb mark by losing 2.5lbs. I am so happy at this point and trying really hard to stay focused with all the Christmas treats and drinks that seems to be freely available in my office and at home.

For the Christmas season, I am taking my caulflower mash with me. I will have egg muffins with ham for breakfast and also stock up some sugar free jelly and avoid the sugary treats available. One day really does not hurt you, but I have to ensure that I do not over do the eating madness that happens at Christmas.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Update - the weeks are blurring together

I am taking longer than anticipated to anticipated. I have just been so busy with all the endeavours that I have undertaken. School will be closing soon so that will give me some time to catch up on the other stuff. I must say my running has fallen to the waste side as I have been sick and tied up for the last 2 weeks or so. Anyway onto much better things for 2009.

My efforts last week to ensure a loss paid off and I lost a whopping 4.5lbs. I have now lost a total of 13.5lbs so far!!!!!!!!!

I must say that this has been down to a great desire to meet some of my pre-Christmas targets but also going back to Weight watchers basics with my meal plans. Very little snacking, lots of water and planning 3 meals a day. So it does work.

After my excitement at this loss I indulged a little bit as you do... (the odd chinese chowmein, doubles, 3/4 bottle of champagne). But got straight back to it on Monday morning. We'll see how this week will go.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Random Friday mumblings

So I have not posted for 2 weeks. in that time I´ve gained 0.5lbs but is alright I´m working on having a big loss with an extra shiny halo this weekend. That means plenty of soups, salads and healthy foods.

Weightwatchers has a spanking new programme called discovery plan which I am really not impressed with. To me it is exactly the same plan just different name. What a waste of time!!!

I´m enjoying my glass of wine tonight and then weigh in on Tuesday so there will be an update!!!